Friday, January 30, 2009

Knitted Pocket Gnome

Knitted Pocket Gnome

Pocket gnomes are great fun, and easily
made with scrap yarn. Take them on
vacations and other adventures, and
photograph them doing fun things! They are
about four inches tall.

Any scraps of worsted weight yarn. You can make a baby gnome with fingering weight yarn and smaller needles using the same pattern. You will need at least two main colors for the hat, body and belt (you can use a different color for the belt), and a hair and face color. The eyes are done with a Sharpie… just fill in one stitch for each eye.

Four (4) double pointed needles. US #3 work great, but anything from a #2-#5 will work depending on the yarn type.

Start the gnome from the top of his hat, working your way down.
With hat color, cast on three stitches on one DPN, Knit one row.
P1, Increase 1, P2
Knit one row

P1, Increase 1, P3
K1, Increase 1, K4
Continue to increase one stitch per row until you have nine stitches. Divide stitches onto three needles. Work in the round, increasing one stitch per needle until each needle has 7 stitches (21 total). Change color to hair color.

Hair and face:
Knit one round in hair color.
K8 hair, K5 face color, K8 hair

K7 hair, K7 face, K7 hair
K8 hair, K5 face color, K8 hair
Change to body color.
K7 body, K7 hair, K7 body
K8 body, K5 hair, K8 body
K9 body, K3 hair, K8 body

K10 body, K1 hair, K8 body
K21 body
Knit five rounds
Change color to belt color
Knit two rounds
Change to body color
Knit three rounds
Purl 1 round (21 stitches, 7 per needle)
[K1, K2tog, K4] x3
[K1, K2tog, K3] x3

At this point, stuff your gnome with the stuffing of your choice, or even more yarn scraps. Continue decreasing one stitch per needle each round until each needle has four stitches (12 total). Break yarn and thread through remaining stitches, pulling tight and tying off.

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  1. I LOVE these! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern. My kids are going to go gnuts when I work them up a few.

  2. Super cute? Can I link to you on my blog?

  3. ok. gnomes AND mini hockey trophies? You're my hero!

  4. Oh my goodness... are these ever CUTE!

  5. I was wondering what to make for the nieces, nephews and cousin's kids this holiday. Thanks for sharing this lovely pattern. I need to get busy on gnomes.

  6. My mother made me two of these, and they make frequent appearances on Instagram having big little-people adventures all over town (@elvisettey).